martedì 15 ottobre 2013


I think this article is very interesting if we think that climate change effects are already happening. So if you live in the Netherlands, Colombia or Hawai'i, please reed it.

Adapting to warmer temperatures:
Adaptation includes the partial drainage of the Tsho Rolpa glacial lake in Nepal, changes in livelihood strategies in response to permafrost melt by the Inuit in Nunavut, Canada, and the increased use of artificial snow-making by the ski industry in Europe, Australia and North America.

Coastal zone management:
In anticipation of future climate change, planners have considered sea-level rise in the design of infrastructure such as the Confederation Bridge in Canada and in coastal zone management in the USA and The Netherlands.

Enhancing disaster management capabilities:
Glacial retreat and glacial lake floods are major problems linked to climate change. In Bhutan, a GEF project being implemented by the United Nations Development Programme is enhancing adaptive capacity in the Punakha-Wangdi and Chamkar valleys by strengthening disaster management capability, artificially lowering waters in Lake Thortormi, and installing an early warning system.
Regulating water in mountain ranges:
In Colombia, the Integrated National Adaptation project is promoting adaptation measures in the Las Hermosas Massif in the central range of the Andes, including by regulating water for hydropower generation and maintaining environmental services in this important mountain ecosystem.

Strengthening government capacity:
Kiribati is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries, spread over 33 low-lying atolls in the central and western Pacific region. An adaptation programme is providing vulnerable communities with the information and means to enhance adaptive capacity, including improved management, conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity, improved protection and management of mangroves and coral reefs, and strengthening government capacity by fully integrating adaptation into economic planning.

Risk assessement projects:
In Mozambique, a GEF project is integrating climate into sustainable land management practices to reduce the impacts of extreme weather events on populations and ecosystems. UNDP and the World Bank are launching a series of GEF projects to assist African communities to assess risks and options to adopt to drought, coastal flooding and health risks.


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