domenica 6 ottobre 2013

Renewable energy infrastructure

SUSI Partners AG is a socially and ecologically responsible Swiss investment advisor which offers together with Sustainable SRL Luxembourg sustainable investment funds to qualified investors seeking to diversify their portfolio. The funds advised by SUSI Partners AG finance renewable energy infrastructure, energy efficiency retrofits as well as electricity storage and distribution capacity in Europe.

In June SUSI launched the first private Energy Efficiency Fund in Europe which obtained approval by the Luxembourgian Supervisory Authority CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier). The new Fund has undergone detailed examination by the CSSF in order to ensure compliance with the strict requirements of the Luxembourgian authority (risk management and investor protection).
The SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund plans to invest 300M over the next 3 years into the retrofit of buildings, public infrastructure as well as industrial processes in Western Europe. For the development and implementation of projects the Fund collaborates with renowned ESCO’s which guarantee the energy savings of the projects.
SUSI Partners already successfully concluded a first reference project, financing an Energy Efficiency Performance Contract signed between the Government of Monaco and Johnson Controls.
The project consists in the retrofit of five buildings belonging to the Government of Monaco based on an Energy Performance Contract. Johnson Controls, global leader in building efficiency, guarantees energy savings of over 27% for the next 12 years. SUSI obtains a portion of the financial savings that the Government achieves thanks to the retrofits. The project is implemented under the Energy and Climate Plan of the Government of Monaco. This framework aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings by 30% within 2020 (reference year 2007). This process will also help enable the Government to reach its GHG targets: reducing global emissions by 34% (reference year 2011).
Expect to see more from SUSI in the future.  Undoubtedly, as Europe is looking how to finance its important energy efficiency projects, companies such as SUSI Partners become all the more important. 
By Rod Janssen
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