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Energy efficiency is Mobile: heat recovery + app

Industrial waste heat recovery is the true 'low-hanging-fruit' of industrial energy recovery! Based on the existing technologies, the potential for the industrial waste heat in Europe remains high. By using process waste heat, Europe can save equivalent to the total energy consumption of Sweden. Today sees the launch of first app for industrial heat recovery – from energy intensive industry for energy intensive industry. The app “HeatRecovery+” is free and available for Android and iOS, you can download it here
Android Version
iOS Version:

What is it about?
  1. The app allows you to quickly assess relevant technical, financial and regulative conditions important for the economic success of a heat recovery installation in energy intensive industry.
  2. The app is build on experiences from a real installation in operation at Finnfjord, a leading ferro-alloy producer in Norway, recovering 340GWh annually enriched by input from various leading energy intensive companies across various sectors in Europe.
  3. The app is part of the result of an EU DG Enterprise co-financed project (SILC1) run by EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes) and Finnfjord.
  4. The app not only gives you explanations on your individual results but also directs you the more background information (KnowledgeHub) as well as to companies which have been involved in design and technical implementation of the heat recovery installation (EnergyPages).
What´s the objective?
The assessment results and explanations shall support you to set up a project team and conduct a feasibility study.
The reasoning
We are very aware that the individual business reality finally decides on the viability of each heat recovery installation one by one. This has to be analysed using a feasibility study, which in turn represents already a business decision to invest time and money (set up a project team). The app supports the internal decision making process to set-up such a team by providing guidance (structure/framework conditions) and support (explanations, impact of certain conditions).
Heat recovery still represents major business opportunity, ranging from pure operational expenditure reductions to the use as a energy price risk hedging tool – and at the same time reduces GHG emissions.
What´s next?
We have embedded the app in our EU-Industrial Energy Recovery Partnership (EU-IERP) initiative. This is an open and free offer to all to work within the EEIP community and help us broadening the application to medium and low temperatures (also heat recovery from surfaces, steam with corrosive gasses).  Any feedback and/or recommendation are more than welcome. Please use
Finally - why EEIP?
EEIP is a technology-neutral cross-sectoral not-for-profit platform with community of over 35,000 members; individuals and companies working in energy efficiency in industry. EEIP was launched at the European Commission in April 2011 and in 2012 we were nominated by the EU as one of the best Sustainable Energy initiatives. EEIP brings together all players in the industrial energy efficiency market, from energy intensive industry to SMEs, from financing to IT, from solution providers to policymakers. Our goal is to contribute to a better functioning of industrial energy efficiency market. The development of this application is supported by the European Commission, DG Enterprise under SILC1 Programme. It is developed in cooperation with our partner, Finnfjord, the most energy efficient ferro-silicon manufacturer in the world.
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